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13 May 2020


OFFICIAL REGULATIONS for organising and conducting the “Transmaraton – evolved by Autonom” (10 km Race, Half-marathon, 30 km Race, Marathon and Ultra-marathon)

Section 1. Organizers and official competition regulations

,,Transmaraton’’ Competition (10 km Race, Half-Marathon, 30 km Race, Marathon and Ultra-marathon) (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”) is being organized by Coaching in Running Association, in partnership with Fundația Autonom and Fundația Hospice Casa Speranței, and aims at promoting outdoor running and fundraising for charities.

Competitors are bound to comply with the terms and conditions of the Official Competition Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Official Regulations”).

The Official Regulations are drawn up and will be made public according to the applicable Romanian legislation, being available free of charge to any subscriber on the website www.transmaraton.org, to be displayed at the location of the Competition.

By participating in this Competition, the participants agree to comply with and observe all provisions, terms and conditions of this Official Regulation and the applicable legislation and sign the self-declaration provided by the Organisers.



The competition will take place on to the date mentioned in the website’s home page, on Transfagarasan National Road, between Bâlea Waterfall and Capra Cabin.

During the contest road traffic is allowed, but the drivers will be warned by the Police regarding the running of the competition as well as the necessity of reducing the speed.

The competition is conducted according to the Competition mechanism, as detailed in Section III of these Regulations.

Section 3. Competition Mechanism


This competition is intended for amateur sportsmen and only those who have reached the age of 18 until the date of the contest and have registered, within the limit of the maximum number of available entries, for one of the competitions on the “Registration” the http://transmaraton.org. Any exception will be reviewed by the organisers based on the participant’s history and only with the consent of the parents and accompanied by one of them.

The competition shall include 5 different races:

  1. 10 km Race (9 kilometres)
  2. Half-marathon (22 kilometres)
  3. 30 km race (34 kilometres)
  4. Marathon (44 kilometres)
  5. Ultra-marathon (53 kilometres)

Competitors have the right to register and participate in only one of the races included in the competition.


  • 10 km race. Bâlea Lake (parking near the entrance to the tunnel) – Capra Cabin (approx. 9 km – descent from 2034 m to 1585 m)
  • Half-marathon. Bâlea Cascada Cabin – Capra Cabin (approx. 22 km – 1050 m positive elevation gain)
  • 30 km Race. Bâlea Lake (parking near the entrance to the tunnel) – Bâlea Cascada Cabin – Bâlea Lake – Capra Cabin (approx. 34 km – 1050 m positive elevation gain)
  • Marathon. Capra Cabin – Bâlea Lake – Bâlea Cascada Cabin – Bâlea Lake – Capra Cabin (approx.44 km – 2100 m positive elevation gain)
  • Ultra-marathon. Capra Cabin – Hydration point located halfway between Capra Cabin and Bâlea Lac Cabin (approx. 4.5 kilometres from start) – Capra Cabin – Bâlea Lake – Bâlea Waterfall – Bâlea Lake – Capra Cabin (approx. 53 km – 3000 m positive elevation gain)

During the races, there will be available aid stations, where competitors will be able to fuel and hydrate; their location is:

  • P1. Bâlea Cascada Cabin (exclusively for the races of 30 km race, Marathon and Ultra-marathon race), at the exit of the complex’s parking place, in the Start area of the Half-marathon race.
  • P2. (approximately) Halfway between the Bâlea Cabin and the Bâlea Lac Cabin (6 km from the next/previous point)
  • P3. Bâlea Lake – on the right side of Bâlea Cascada Cabin at Bâlea Lake, in the parking area in front of the kiosks area.
  • P4. (approximately) Halfway between Bâlea Lac Cabin and Capra Cabin (4.5 km from the next/previous point), on the right side of the descent to Capra Cabin.
  • P5. Capra Cabin, in the Finish area.

The route will be entirely on the paved road. During the races, participants cannot leave the race track and cannot change it by shortening or choosing alternative routes. Leaving the established race track can result in disqualification of the competitor. Given the hazardous character of the area, competitors are expressly asked not to try shortening the route or adopting alternative routes.


Registration of participants can be done by filling in the on-line registration form available on the site www.transmaraton.org.

By filling in the form, each participant assumes the quality of fund-raiser ambassador for one of the partner charities: Fundația Autonom or Fundația Hospice Casa Speranței.

The quality of the fundraiser ambassador requires, in addition to the payment of the participation fee, the raising of funds/donations for the chosen cause, until the date of the event. After signing up, a representative of the chosen case will contact each participant to provide details and support in the fund-raising process.

Signing up as a fund-raiser ambassador is done when completing the registration form.

For logistical reasons and for the safe conduct of the competition, the number of participants is limited as follows:

  • 10 Km Race – 50 persons
  • Half-marathon – 50 persons
  • 30 Km Race – 50 persons
  • Marathon – 30 persons
  • Ultra-marathon – 30 persons

The organizer reserves the right to change the number of entries for each of the races.

Participants who have obtained the 1st place (Men Open and Women Open), at any of the events, have the participation assured over the limit of entries and may choose the race to which they wish to participate to, in compliance with the other conditions of participation mentioned in these Regulations.
The competition is open to all amateur sportsmen, and the minimum age limit for subscribing for the participants is 18 years old, up to the race date (including).

In exceptional cases, organisers may approve the participation of some persons under the age of 18. The people in question will contact the organisers of the event, who will decide whether the minor’s sports history allows participation in one of the event’s races.

The participation of a minor will be conditional upon the presentation of a medical certificate stating that the minor participant is fit for a long-term effort and him/her being accompanied, throughout the course of the event, by a legal parent/guardian, and a self-declaration, signed by the attendant before the start of the competition.


The participation fee has the same level for any of the races included in the event and it depends on the time of registration.

The fee shall be paid by all participants.

Attention! Failure to pay the participation fee within a maximum of 5 (five) calendar days from the confirmation date of the registration will invalidate the registration, on the official website of the competition, the entry of participation of the non-paying members becoming vacant.

The participation fee is not refundable – it will be directed to the charities supported by the event.

The participation kit includes the contest number, timing chip and gifts from sponsors and event partners.


In the kits’ collection area located at Capra Cabin, all competitors will submit a self-declaration regarding the participation in the competition, including the fact that they are medically fit for participating in the competition.

It is expressly mentioned that is forbidden the participation in the competition/event of persons who have or are under the influence of alcoholic beverages/drugs, persons carrying weapons of any kind, explosive or incendiary materials, irritant-tear substances or with paralysing effect, electric shock devices or other objects that can be used for violent actions or disturbance of the normal course of the event.

People who violate these provisions will be removed from the event by the organisers, if necessary, even escorted by the police.


Competitors will compete with their own gear. Competitors are advised to wear running gear appropriate to the weather conditions of the area and depending on the date of the competition and the difference in height. It is recommended that each participant brings a spare set of clothes that can be transported from the start area to the arrival area either by their own attendants or by the organisers.

The numbers and participation kit will be provided by the organisers and will be handed over to the competitors after confirmation of payment and the submission of the self-declaration, on Saturday, the day before the event, within the time schedule to be announced through organiser’s communication channels (e-mail and/or Facebook Transmaraton and/or web page of the event).

The contest numbers will be attached to the front, on the gear, over the running clothing of each competitor, so that they are permanently visible.

Required gear:

  • sport shoes
  • number (provided by the organiser)
  • wind poof/rainproof jacket
  • mobile phone (save the organisers’ numbers in the phone, disable the private number option, check the phone to be charged)
  • reflective vest and/or other reflective markings/visible colours to be visible on the road

Optional gear:

  • a 0.5 litre water canister or other hydration source, such as a backpack
  • energy bars or gels

The organiser reserves the right to prohibit the participation of sportsmen who do not meet the gear-related conditions.


  • 10 Km Race: 10:00, with 2 hours deadline.
  • Half-marathon: 09:00, with 4 hours deadline.
  • 30 Km Race: 08:00, with 6 hours deadline.
  • Marathon: 06:30, with 8 hours deadline.
  • Ultra-marathon: 06:30, with 9 hours deadline.

The organisers reserve the right to change the start hours and the deadlines. Any changes to this effect will be communicated to the participants in due time.


The ranking, for all races, shall be according to the order in which competitors cross the finish line.

Timing of the race will be done electronically based on a chip received in the competition kit. Failure to wear the chip by a competitor leads to disqualification. You are kindly requested to place your chip as instructed by the organisers to facilitate reading and avoid being disqualified due to reading errors.

Separate rankings will be drawn for each race and category as follows:

10 km Race Rankings:

  • male: aged 18-34
  • male: over 35 years
  • female: aged 18-34
  • female: over 35 years

Half-marathon rankings:

  • male: aged 18-34
  • male: over 35 years
  • female: aged 18-34
  • female: over 35 years

30 km Race Rankings:

  • male: aged 18-34
  • male: over 35 years
  • female: aged 18-34
  • female: over 35 years

Marathon Rankings:

  • male: aged 18-34
  • male: over 35 years
  • female: aged 18-34
  • female: over 35 years

Ultra-marathon Race Rankings:

  • male: aged 18-34
  • male: over 35 years
  • female: aged 18-34
  • female: over 35 years

Over 35” includes the participants who have their anniversary on the event’s date.

The Organizers reserve their right of awarding special prizes.


At different points on the trail there will be placed race commissioners (route referees) who will supervise the race.

If a race commissioner noticed a cheating attempt (shortening the route, using a means of transportation etc.), the competitor will be disqualified. The same penalty will be applied to runners who do not comply with the provisions of these regulations.

Section 4. Announcing and awarding prizes


1st, 2nd and 3rd places from each of the rankings will be awarded.

The awards will be based on the sponsors who will be involved in this project. Surprise awards will also be handed-over by the organisers. Besides prizes, winners will receive diplomas and medals.

All participants who finish the race will receive finisher medals and attendance diplomas. The participation diplomas will be in electronic format and will be downloadable from the site after the results are displayed.

Section 5. Administrative conditions


The organisation of the event lies with the Coaching Running Association and its partners.

Participants who give up the race during the run are required to come to the organiser’s closest point either at the Start or Arrival area or at a fuelling point, or they can go to a route referee/attendant to notify the organisers about this abandonment.

The competition will benefit of medical assistance, as well as the assistance of the Mountain Rescue Service, for areas where the ambulance would not have access due to the specificity of the terrain.


One day prior to the contest or at the latest in the morning of the event until 06.00 for all the races, the competitor will place the personal belongings that he/she wishes to be transported by the organisers to the southern part of the route (at Capra Cabin) in a bag made available by the organisers or in another personal baggage, labelled with their contest number. The participant will deposit it in the special place indicated by the organisers’ representatives, in order to be transported to the Arrival area.

At the end of the race, the competitor will be able to pick up personal things from the organisers based on the contest number. The storage place will be permanently supervised.


Competitors are obliged throughout the race to protect the environment, the disposal of waste (packaging, liquids etc.) being prohibited  in places other than those specially arranged under the sanction of disqualification of that person, in addition to the fact that it will endure the rigours of the law.

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